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Enter a station ID, begin date(GMT) and end date(GMT) to get the currents data for that specific station, or you can use the default supplied values. The Date format could be either: YYYYMMDD or YYYYMMDD HH:MM. Display format is an output selection.

The date and time of the data returned from this query will be in GMT
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Station ID   Station Name
ca0101   Cape Cod Canal, West End
cb0102   Cape Henry LB 2CH
cb0201   York Spit LBB 22 (ATON)
cb0301   Thimble Shoal LB 18
cb0402   Naval Station Norfolk LB 7
cb0601   Newport News Channel LB 14
cb0701   Dominion Terminal
cb0801   Rappahannock Shoal Channel LBB 60
cb0901   Potomac River MidChannel LWB B
cb1001   Cove Point LNG Pier
cb1101   Chesapeake Channel LBB 92
cb1201   Tolchester Front Range
cb1301   Chesapeake City
cc0201   Aransas Pass LB6
cc0301   Port Aransas, Channel View
cc0401   MODA, Ingleside
cp0101   Cherry Point
db0301   Philadelphia
db0502   Delaware Bay Channel LB 10
g06010   Galveston Bay Entr Channel LB 11
g08010   Fred Hartman Br., Houston Ship Channel
g09010   Galveston Channel, west end
gl0101   Cuyahoga River
gl0201   Maumee River
hb0401   Chevron Pier
jx0302   Mile Point LB 20
jx0401   Fulton Cutoff LB 34
jx0501   Dames Point Bridge
jx0601   Trout River Cut LB 64
jx0701   Acosta Bridge
lc0101   Calcasieu Channel LB 36
lc0201   Calcasieu Pass, Cameron Fishing Pier
lc0301   Lake Charles City Docks
lm0101   First Street Wharf
lm0201   Port Allen
mb0301   Mobile State Dock Pier E
mb0302   Cochrane Bridge
mb0401   Mobile Container Terminal
mc0101   Atchafalaya Bar Channel
mg0101   Matagorda Ship Channel Marker 19
mg0201   Matagorda Entrance Channel
mi0101   Miami LB M
mi0201   Miami LB1
mi0301   Miami LB3
n03020   The Narrows
nb0301   Quonset Point
nl0101   Groton, Thames River, Pier 6
s06010   Martinez-AMORCO Pier
s08010   Southampton Shoal Channel LB 6
s09010   Oakland Outer Harbor LB3
s10010   Oakland Inner Harbor LB4
sn0101   Sabine Bank Channel LBB 34
sn0201   Sabine Pass \\(USCG Base\\)
sn0301   Sabine Front Range
sn0401   West Port Arthur Bridge
sn0501   Rainbow Bridge
sn0601   Port of Beaumont
sn0701   Port Arthur
t01010   Sunshine Skyway Bridge ADCP
t02010   Old Port Tampa
t03010   Port Manatee
t04010   Egmont Channel LB 9
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