Relative Humidity Data
Enter a station ID, begin date and end date to get the relative humidity data for that specific station, or you can use the default supplied values. The Date format could be either: YYYYMMDD or YYYYMMDD HH:MM. Display format is an output selection.
+See below for a list of stations providing this data.
* Choosing LST (Local Standard Time) option as time zone will return resultant data in Local Standard Time of the station.
Station ID +
Begin Date
End Date
Time Zone GMT     LST *
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8447412   Fall River Visibility,MA       8452314   Sandy Point Visibility, Prudence Island,RI      
8453662   Providence Visibility,RI       8518962   Turkey Point Hudson River NERRS,NY      
8575437   Chesapeake Bay Bridge Visibility,MD       8720215   Navy Fuel Depot,FL      
8720228   Little Jetties Visibility,FL       8720233   Blount Island Command,FL      
8722670   Lake Worth Pier, Atlantic Ocean,FL       8726412   Middle Tampa Bay,FL      
8726524   Gadsden Cut, Tampa Bay,FL       8736163   Middle Bay Port Visibility, Mobile Bay,AL      
8737005   Pinto Island Visibility,AL       8762484   Frenier Landing,LA      
8764314   Eugene Island, North of , Gulf of Mexico,LA       9014098   Fort Gratiot,MI      
9052030   Oswego,NY       9063020   Buffalo,NY      
9063053   Fairport,OH       9063063   Cleveland,OH      
9063079   Marblehead,OH       9063085   Toledo,OH      
9075014   Harbor Beach,MI       9075065   Alpena,MI      
9075080   Mackinaw City,MI       9075099   De Tour Village,MI      
9076027   West Neebish Island,MI       9076033   Little Rapids,MI      
9087023   Ludington,MI       9087031   Holland,MI      
9087044   Calumet Harbor,IL       9087088   Menominee,MI      
9099004   Point Iroquois,MI       9099018   Marquette C.G.,MI      
9099064   Duluth,MN       9099090   Grand Marais, Lake Superior,MN      
9414296   Pier 17 Visibility, San Francisco Bay,CA       9414797   Oakland Berth 38 Visibility,CA      
9415102   Martinez-Amorco Pier,CA       9753216   Fajardo,PR      
9754228   Yabucoa Harbor,PR      
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