Water Level 6 Minute Verified Data
Enter a station ID, begin date and end date to get the six minute verified water level data for that specific station, or you can use the default supplied values. The Date format could be either: YYYYMMDD or YYYYMMDD HH:MM. Datum and data units are parameters for output formatting. Display format is an output selection.
Tidal datums (MLLW, MSL, MHW, etc) are available for coastal stations, and not for Great Lakes stations.
IGLD (International Great Lakes Datum) is only available for Great Lakes stations.
* Choosing LST (Local Standard Time) option as time zone will return resultant data in Local Standard Time of the station.
Station ID
Begin Date
End Date
Data Units Meters Feet
Time Zone GMT     LST *
Display Format XML     HTML     TEXT
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