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DODS Extensions -- There are four files associated with each set of data: 
   (1) Dataset Descriptor Structure (DDS) This file contains a description of the structure of the data  
   (2) Data Attribute Structure (DAS) This file contains information about the data, such as the name of the variable, its unit and its type. 
   (3) Information (INFO)This HTML page has detailed information about the data in a more readable format. 
   (4) HTML Data Request Form serves as an interface to describe the data set. It provides variable selection boxes, which allow users to enter constraints on different variables of the dataset, and to build a URL of choice that will display the data set or a sub-sample of it.
   (5) download Click on this link to download the NetCDF file in its original format.

   *** The DDS , DAS ,HTML, INFO and the .nc file links are temporarily unavailable. Use download link to view data.

   Data Disclaimers
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[dir] 201605   2018-May-10 01:34[dir]
[dir] 201604   2018-May-07 01:23[dir]
[dir] 201603   2018-Dec-15 01:21[dir]
[dir] 201602   2017-Mar-07 12:36[dir]
[dir] 201601   2017-Mar-07 12:38[dir]
[dir] 201512   2017-Mar-07 12:43[dir]
[dir] 201511   2018-Dec-15 01:21[dir]
[dir] 201509   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201508   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201507   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201506   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201505   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201504   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201503   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201502   2017-Mar-07 12:37[dir]
[dir] 201501   2017-Mar-07 12:36[dir]

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