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Standards and References

CO-OPS Sensor Observation Service (SOS) implementation complies with specific IOOS SOS v1.0 guidelines, which expands upon standards defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). CO-OPS SOS is reliant on some sets of standardizations:

  • Sensor Web Enablement languages and service interface specifications defined by the OGC
  • XML encoding based on OGC's Geography Markup Language (GML) with IOOS application schema
  • IOOS conventions for text encoding

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Web Standards

  • OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)
  • OpenGISŪ Sensor Observation Service (SOS)
  • Sensor Model Language (SensorML)
  • Observations & Measurements (O&M)

Data Content & Encoding Standards


  • GetObservation returns time-series measurement data along with some basic metadata. It provides the user with the capability to query and filter data of interest based on a sensor, time, measurement type and other parameters of available observations.

  • GetCapabilities returns metadata about the supported services being offered. It makes the capabilities of these services discoverable by listing them as part of its response.

  • DescribeSensor returns metadata in SensorML about a sensor, platform, or a network of those and their capabilities.

  • GET and POST are Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) methods that allow the user to send requests for services or resources residing on the server.
    In the case of a GET, the request is mapped to a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). GET is a method of getting something from a server where all query parameters are specified in a URL.
    While the POST's request is not mapped to a URL instead its query parameters will be part of the message body of the HTTP request. POST is used when the data sent to the server is large and cannot be sent as a URL or sensitive that it should not be viewed in the browser address bar.

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