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Observational Data
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Data Access

Data Access

This is your gateway to the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) one stop for data access using NOAA's Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Sensor Observational Service, Web Services, OPeNDAP, NetCDF model data, stations information and other services.

Access to Observational Data

CO-OPS Sensor Observational Service

This is CO-OPS' implementation of NOAA's (IOOS) Sensor Observational Service (SOS). CO-OPS SOS web services provide data retrieval of the latest observations and time series, for a single station and for a "collection" of stations, and in multiple data formats. Please visit CO-OPS SOS home page for more information.

CO-OPS SOAP Web Services

CO-OPS SOAP Web Services were developed using industry standards. Each SOAP web service is offered with a sample request, sample response and sample Java Client code to our users to facilitate their work with seamlessly connecting to the services and to retrieve the data of interest. Please visit CO-OPS SOAP Web Services home page for more information.


CO-OPS has implemented an ERDDAP (the Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program) server to offer observational water levels, meteorological and ancillary data via tabledap (ERDDAP's implementation of the OPeNDAP constraint protocol). Users of this application can view and download different datasets or sub-samples of interest. Please visit CO-OPS ERDDAP server home page for more information.

Access to Operational Forecast System


CO-OPS makes available a THREDDS data server, open-source application software from Unidata, to serve CO-OPS NetCDF model data. The THREDDS server allows users to access data sets of interest in ASCII and Binary formats through OPeNDAP. The users of this application can view and download NetCDF model data or sub-samples of it. Please visit CO-OPS THREDDS server home page for more information.

Stations Listing

CO-OPS Active Water Level/Met Stations

CO-OPS developed Web application to retrieve a list of active National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON) stations. All of these web services provide station metadata and sensors real-time status and configuration. The same information is also available as an XML format on a station by station basis or as a whole network of stations. Please note that lists of active National Current Observation Program (NCOP) and current surveys are available as part of the SOAP and SOS web services. Please visit Active Water Level/Met Stations Listing home page for more information.

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