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GetCapabilities Parameters Description

This page illustrates a list of HTTP/GET and HTTP/POST input parameters and output description for the GetCapabilities operation of CO-OPS SOS.

GetCapabilities Request

The input parameters for GetCapabilities operation include:

Input Name   Description HTTP/GET Example HTTP/POST Example
service Required Service name (SOS) service=SOS
  xmlns:om="" service="SOS">
request Required Operation name request=GetCapabilities
version Optional Service version version=1.0.0

The following example URL illustrates a GetCapabilities HTTP/GET request:

An XML file parameter to send an HTTP/POST request for the GetCapabilities operation can be found here: Sample Request

GetCapabilities Response

The response to a GetCapabilities request is an XML encoded document [OGC 06-009r6, p. 21]. This document lists four sections: [OGC 06-121r3, p. 25]

  • ows:ServiceIdentification - contains metadata about this specific server, including the title, abstract, keywords, service type, version, fees, access constraints if any for using this server
  • ows:SeriviceProvider - contains metadata about the organization operating this server, including service provider name, site, address, contact information, etc.
  • ows:OperationsMetadata - contains metadata about the operations specified by this service and implemented by this server, including the URLs, parameters for operation requests
  • Contents - contains information about the observation offerings. It provides a list of sensors associated with an SOS.

A sample SOS GetCapabilities response can be found here: Response XML

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