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GetObservation Operation

The Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) implemented an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Observation Service (SOS) using specific IOOS SOS v1.0 guidelines. CO-OPS SOS has implemented three operations:

  • GetObservation - provides access to sensor observations and measurement data via a spatio-temporal query that can be filtered by phenomena
  • GetCapabilities - provides the means to access SOS service metadata
  • DescribeSensor - retrieves detailed information about the sensors and processes generating those measurements.


This page illustrates a GetObservation Operation on the CO-OPS SOS. The GetObservation Operation supports HTTP/GET and HTTP/POST request methods. Please see our list of GetObservation parameters for more details, and the list of available products

GetObservation Request via HTTP/GET

This section should help users generate URLs of interest. The user can choose from the available parameters:

  • 1- Offering: One station or a collection of stations
  • 2- Station ID for a single station or a network ID for a collection of stations
  • 3- A bounding box can be specified in a collection request
  • 4- Time period: Latest or a time series
  • 5- The product of interest
  • 6- Output format: CSV, TSV, XML and or KML
  • 7- Any other optional parameters

A valid URL will be generated and displayed back to the user by simply clicking the "Get Request URL" button. The URL can further be customized for any programs that aim at automating this data retrieval process.

To view the resulted output of that URL, please click the "Submit" button.

Offering Single     Collection
Time Event Latest     Time Series
Currents Data:
Data Type   (Optional)
Data Type   (Optional)
Station ID
Network ID
Feature of Interest   (Optional)
Result Format
Begin Date   (Field Optional -- Time in GMT)
End Date   (Field Optional -- Time in GMT)
Datum   (Optional)
Datum   (Optional)
Datum   (Optional)
Epoch Current     Superseded   (Optional)
Data Units Meters     Feet   (Optional)
Data Units Celsius     Fahrenheit   (Optional)
Data Units m/sec     knots miles/hour   (Optional)
Time Zone GMT     LST   (Optional)
// HTTP/GET Table

GetObservation Request via HTTP/POST

The following section illustrates an HTTP/POST request for a GetObservation. A user can specify a request for one or more stations, time period, product of interest, a desired output format and other optional parameters. A valid XML sample will be displayed in the request field, which can be copied to an XML file. The user can change the corresponding text, and click the "Submit" button to post the contents for querying SOS "GetObservation" results.

Service URL
Offering Single     Collection
Time Event Latest     Time Series
Data Type

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